Jack Magan

"This, of all people, this is the kind of man that can go out ten years from now and make himself another fortune."

(SOURCE:  United States National Archives)


Investing in the Stockless Markets  

The United States Government acknowledges Jack Magan as a "financial expert."

The mathematician, probability theorist, and macroeconomist has been invited to address conventions of the finance ministers and development banks of nations worldwide, as their "honored guest" and keynote speaker. Yet he has historically eschewed the U.S. stock markets, investing instead in free-market economic instruments of his own making: his creations, his intellectual property -- and his alone.

Official documents, found in The National Archives and Records Administration, reveal that the U.S. Government has long recognized Magan as one of America's best and brightest, claiming "
the words of intelligence, industry, imagination, as well as unique, could be applied to Mr. Magan ... everything he touch(es) turn(s) to gold." And the Government concludes, "This, of all people, this is the kind of man that can go out ten years from now and make himself another fortune."

That's precisely what Jack intends to do, and he invites you to join him in the endeavor -- as an investor/partner.

A consummate dreamer with the ability to bring many of those dreams to fruition, Magan's lifelong strength has lain in conceiving  modestly-expensive, yet ingenious, strategies for attaining wealth by relentlessly seizing the mathematical advantage and positioning himself to earn more than he can lose.

An indomitable spirit is fostered within his projects through exhaustive preparation, coupled with an intense, ongoing work-ethic, which recognizes personal sacrifice as a part of winning. Indeed, if you were to ask Jack how he's managed to succeed repeatedly in so many diverse areas, as to draw the notice of his own Government (as well as others around the globe), he'd respond:

 "By being blessed with a vigorous imagination, thinking numerically, and possessing the competitive spirit to outwork the competition at any cost -- all within the context of a superb educational-background. I'll undertake a project only if it first intrigues and excites me to the point of smoldering my wiring; so, no matter how intensely demanding it might be, starting any new job is like embarking on a dream vacation."

Partnering with Jack Magan at this time in America's economic history would provide the individual investor with an alternative, albeit somewhat unconventional, means for feasibly achieving financial success in an environment untouched by the corruption of the market place's subprime-lending crisis and unconscionably-overpaid CEOs, not to mention the Enrons, Global Crossings, WorldComs, and the growing number of subsequent disgraces within the traditional trading-community

There's more, a great deal more, but Jack's reputation was earned in a seemingly-endless variety of ventures that he personally conceptualized and managed over the years. Uncle Sam claims Magan might be "unique" at what he does, which constitutes the ultimate compliment from the ultimate source.

Should you, at no cost and under no obligation, care to contact Mr. Magan and explore an innovative investment-opportunity/business-partnership -- guaranteed to be beyond the everyday norm (and refreshingly outside Wall Street's curve) -- simply e-mail him at:


One of the proposed projects involves "beating the odds" at the racetrack (or, at least, beating thoroughbred racing's exorbitant "takeout" from its trifecta, and superfecta, pools).

Jack professes to having already accomplished the feat over the past 12 years, in what became an obsessive hobby and labor of love. He achieved it through the development of an "equine universe," as he calls it, a highly-complex, pari-mutuel mathematical model, which gives him a substantial -- and incontrovertible --  statistical advantage over the betting public.


And that's no idle boast, coming from a man so accomplished at the science of probability that he was banned from every casino in Las Vegas for 20 years!

Magan's "equine universe" can't be sold to the public, since multiple users would destroy the exotic-wagering pools, even at the world's major tracks, and defeat the efficacy of his program.

Consequently, Jack intends to apply it himself, somewhat sparingly at first but regularly in his retirement, and is searching for a moneyed partner to underwrite, and engage in, the enterprise.

Aside from the fun and excitement, it should prove a financially-rewarding way for Jack and his investor(s) to live out the rest of their lives:  The legions of $2 bettors, who frequent America's  off-track-betting locations, cumulatively account for the majority of  every participating racetrack's  "daily handle". 

Magan is convinced that,  armed with a proven mathematical-, and technological-, advantage, he should find it significantly less challenging to compete against them (many of whom, you'll attest from your own OTB-experience, present a toothless, skill-less, and clueless appearance) than to match wits with the extreme professionalism and ultra-sophistication of the investment community's supercomputers and auditors/consultants.

Wall Street's broker-dealers and Main Street's off-track bettors share a common goal: Making a quick "score" in a high-volume, man-made market -- and multimillions of dollars change hands each day, specifically on the stock exchanges but also, some might find it surprising, in pari-mutuel wagering. Aside from that, there are few similarities between the two widely-popular forms of financial speculation, the greatest differentiators being that one's socially acceptable, the other's not; one's a cash industry, the other's not, and one's swarming with graduate Ph.D.'s, the other with aspiring G.E.D.'s.

Magan's not alleging that he can beat the horses (in reality, he has no interest in even knowing their, or their trainers' and jockeys', names); what he does maintain, however, is that he can mathematically prevail over the developing New Wave subculture, which, for the first time, is legally betting the horses electronically across state lines from every corner of the land and creating the most bountiful, and accessible, pools in the history of thoroughbred racing.

As America burgeons into a gambling society, Jack can virtually hear the dollar signs cascading towards him in fulfillment of the Government of the United States' prophecy:

 "This, of all people, this is the kind of man that can go out ten years from now and make himself another fortune."

A prompt response is assured all serious inquiries ... and thanks for your time!

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Jack Magan is not, and never has been, licensed in the investment, brokerage, or financial-services industry. This site solicits no funds and makes no extravagant promises; Mr. Magan is  an entrepreneur with a proven track-record, who wishes to expose two new, high-risk concepts, each his exclusive  intellectual-property, to qualified, and sophisticated, individuals with past investment-histories. Upon detailing his plans, Magan anticipates gaining the discretionary financial-support of one (or more) of his respondents in launching, and sustaining, one (or both) of his undertakings, throughout which generally-accepted legal, and accounting, procedures will be employed.