Jack Magan

"This, of all people, this is the kind of man that can go out ten years from now and make himself another fortune."

(SOURCE:  United States National Archives, Fort Worth, Texas)


Investing in the Stockless Markets  

The United States Government acknowledges Jack Magan as a "financial expert" ...and, at one time, so did much of the world. The Federal Home Loan Bank Board in Washington, D.C., went so far as to authorize Magan's purchase of a bank with assets of $570,000,000 in a record-shattering ten days.

So, when a man with those credentials claims he can earn millions of dollars per year by mathematically betting on horse races, using millions of algorithms that mimic those of Wall Street's most-successful hedge funds, you might want to listen to him. Even more so, you might want to partner with him.

It might be said that, at the height of his career, Jack Magan enjoyed a guru-like reputation. To the extent that, back in the '80s, even the Chief Financial Officer of the Medellin Cartel twice visited his office, unannounced, with photos of hundreds of millions of U.S. dollars cascading from closets and storage areas -- and still more bills, wrapped in huge plastic-tarpaulins for burial -- in the futile hope of establishing a consulting relationship that might have relieved the cartel's suffocating cash-dilemma.

A Bayesian mathematician and Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society (Retired), Jack, in 1993, wrote a learned paper on the dangers facing the banking systems of the newly-emerging states of the former Soviet Union. He faxed it to the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), whose Co-Director phoned him from London later that week, offering him the opportunity to secure a $50,000,000 no-recourse loan to implement his plan. EBRD then submitted Magan's paper to the World Economic Forum in Davos, where it was enthusiastically received. The President of Moldova and the "Big Four" U.S. accounting firm of KPMG met with him at once, and, over the ensuing seven years, he was to be the "honored guest" of the presidents, ministers of finance, or development banks of 60 nations, as they struggled to compete in the new, global free-enterprise economy.

His success on the world stage was rewarding, but Magan has always taken greater pride in what he was able to accomplish over the years as a sports gambler, mathematically "beating the odds" in a wide variety of situations, many of them seemingly impossible. Now he purports to have done it again -- even bigger and better than ever before -- in the most-expansive mathematical study he's ever undertaken: "beating the odds" on race tracks' totalizator boards around the world without handicapping tools or analyses of any kind ...totally free of the horse player's eternal folly of trying to pick a winner.

Here's how it works (and why Jack Magan is so confident of its success for years to come): his pari-mutuel model reads the tote board -- and the changes it's undergoing with each flash -- then instantaneously compares each new "picture" to the hundreds of thousands of similar wagering-situations in its data base by means of a proprietary stochastic-process. Jack's, and Jack's alone. Then, as soon as the tote board displays the final change in the race's odds before the gate opens, Magan makes a thousand, or more, computer-assisted bets in different amounts, each weighted according to the precise mathematical-probability of that bet's winning. His single winning ticket, therefore, will theoretically cover the cost of his thousand, or more, losing tickets -- along with paying him a small profit.

But there's more: in vying for his business, the tracks are willing to rebate Jack an average of 12.5% of every dollar he bets on each race, win or lose. So he's assured of a seven-, or eight-, figure annual income before betting on his first race. Then there's the additional money he should earn "on track" by using, according to thoroughbred racing's security office, the most- sophisticated wagering model and IT tool set on the planet.

Official documents, found in The National Archives and Records Administration, reveal that the U.S. Government has long recognized Magan as one of America's best and brightest, claiming "the words of intelligence, industry, imagination, as well as unique, could be applied to Mr. Magan ... everything he touch(es) turn(s) to gold." And the Government concludes, "This, of all people, this is the kind of man that can go out ten years from now and make himself another fortune."

That's precisely what Jack intends to do, and he invites you to join him in the endeavor -- as an investor/partner.


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